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Got questions? We have answered some

What is Kaphal?

Kaphal is on a mission to help people build design skills through project-based learning.

Who can enroll in these courses?

Our courses are for students, educators, entrepreneurs, aspirants, and professional designers.

What is the cost of the course?

Our micro-courses are free at the moment.

Can I become a mentor on Kaphal?

Yes! Please visit our 'become a mentor' page for more details.

Will these courses help in my design career?

Each course is project-based. You can include these projects in your portfolio. Also, these courses are an opportunity to connect with industry experts.

What is the duration of a course on Kaphal?

We intend to keep the courses short and to the point. You work on your skills while working on a project.

Who are mentors on Kaphal?

Kaphal mentors are working professionals, experts, and people who love design. To know more about this, read mentor's manual.

What is Kaphal's approach to design education?

Design is not a static subject. It requires continuous effort to unlearn and learn. Students not only learn from their mentors, but they gather a lot among themselves. That's why we curate only cohort-based courses with a project as a learning outcome.

Can we connect with the mentors after the course?

Yes! Mentors are here to guide and help learners acquire design skills. Learners can connect with mentors via LinkedIn (as of now).

What are micro-courses?

Micro-courses are a skill-based approach to learning. These are generally 1-3 days long and focus on small learning units. This learning method is more efficient than typical classroom training.