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Kaphal Studio is a community of talented designers to connect, learn, and grow 🚀

Kaphal Offline Meetup - Bangalore

Opportunity to meet talented designers in the community, interact with design mentors and speak to designers from the industry. Join us for a fun-filled afternoon! 📅 3rd Dec 2022 | Saturday

Kaphal Studio
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Join our community to find like-minded people!

Preparing for design exams or working on design skills for the job, join our community to connect with talented designers

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Introducing Kaphal Campus

Kaphal Campus is an online community where talented designers connect. It is an opportunity to expand your professional network, make friends, collaborate, and gain momentum to supercharge your career.

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Why Kaphal?

We guide designers personally, taking a 100% learn-by-doing approach

Always honest

We love to interact! And, that's what we do in the sessions

Personal connect

Our classrooms are a place for free experimentation to find your own style

Community first

Our community have supported us since day one and they mean everything to us.

Teach Live

We teach live to ensure everything we teach is in line with the latest release


We're a team that teaches and learn-by-doing. We prefer to fail fast than plan and never achieve anything.

Always authentic

We believe in raw authenticity and transparency is the key to any conversation or way of teaching.

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