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Our 'Connect to Design (C2D)' program helps you understand design better and prepare yourself for UCEED, CEED, NID, or NIFT.

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Connect to Design 2022

Design exams demand commonsensical approach and that is how we deal with them in C2D 

Learn by doing

We encourage you to prepare yourself while we guide you at each step

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Design is fun! Learn about our approach and what we offer in C2D.

The Program

Details about the program


Understand the demand of the question in the design exams.

Develop the understanding of the Indian culture and heritage, how to approach a design awareness question for NID/NIFT/CEED/UCEED

Develop interest in the visual riddles and how to approach a NAT question in CEED/UCEED.

Develop drawing and handling skills for the design exams.

How to develop the thought process to solve design questions.

How to solve previous year's questions and anticipate questions and topics for the exam this year.

How to come up with creative solutions in the exam.

Understand how questions are framed.

Understand various streams in design and its scope.

How to create a portfolio for the next round.

How to approach studio/situation test.

The aim of the C2D is to fill the gap between a student's preparation and the exam.  In C2D we not only address the problem of 'how to prepare?' but we become the guiding mentor to the students in this journey.


Week 1 - Week 2

This is the orientation stage: We learn about the exam pattern and work on the basics. Learn the fundamentals of design and understand the demand of the exam.


Week 3 - Week 4

While the basic drawing/sketching sessions continue, we dive into the actual exam questions. Preparation mode starts. Learn how the design exam is different.


Week 5 - Week 6

It's now time to implement what we learned till now. Attempt more assignments and practice previous year questions.

Flipped Classrooms

Week 7 - Week 8

The best way to test your practice is to teach. Create assignments and tests for others and evaluate them.


Week 9 - Week 10

Take your understanding of the exam to the next level. This stage focuses on exam mindset and mental preparation.


Week 11 - Week 12

This stage focuses on the fundamental question of an aspirant; how to be different?


Week 13 onwards...

Congrats! You now know the ingredients to crack the design exam. Revisit everything discussed above and keep practicing.

What do students say about our C2D program?


C2D program and videos helped me a lot!

I just wanted to thank y'all for all the videos and content you guys have created over the past 1 year. My AIR for UCEED was 26 and your C2D program and videos have helped me a lot! Thank you again:)

Surabhi Moorthy, AIR 26 UCEED-2021

This year C2D is even more interesting

We have modified it according to the need of the exam

Cover exam topics

Topics according to the exam is covered in different sessions

More live sessions

Number of live sessions increased
to improve understanding

Mentor based learning

Live sessions and personalized feedback on your submissions.

Periodic tests

Tests and assignments on regular basis to access your learning

Prepare for all

Course module that covers CEED, UCEED, NID and NIFT

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Design is different from
other entrance exams

Design is a process, it is a way of thinking

Design is about
solving problem

Design is common

Creativity is

Creativity is
connecting things

Understanding design is important
to crack the exam