Art of Story Writing for Design Exams

Kajol Kumari • March 26, 2022 5 mins read

Mastering the art of story writing might be difficult at first but if you try to practice, it is achievable.


I'm reminded of a beautiful quote by Alexander the Great," Nothing is impossible for the one who will try!" and I would say that this man already knew the secrets of life!


Story writing is an important aspect for a designer as you should know how to express yourself creatively. Nevertheless, how does it going to benefit me in my Design entrance exam?


Let's discuss some of the key elements in story writing for Design exams (Part-B):

👉 Whenever you're asked to draw in boxes, try to write an unusual story below it. What I mean to say here is, try to relate your storylines with the picture you've drawn.

This can be explained with the help of this video.


👉 Why don't you engage the readers and twist your story? This can be achieved by continuous reading and framing your own short stories. Read blogs and fictional stories because it will help you in increasing your sense of curiosity. Reference


👉 Jot down the keywords you want to include in your plot.

👉 Lastly, try to solve previous years' questions based on writing stories. This will give you ideas regarding the types of questions asked in the exam!


Make sure to follow the above points before writing anything. Now, it's time to create your own stories 🙂

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