About Connect to Design Program

Shivangi, ,  (Masters)

Well-organized topics!

Well-organized topics and timelines, accurately pointing out the difference between important and non-important things from a designer's point of view. Also, a new perspective on how to actually think like an examiner, and how to constantly keep in mind what they're looking for/expecting in the answers.

Pooja Ghosh,  (Masters)

After searching a lot, was always pulled towards Kaphal studio

Arunav & Arun, both of you're doing an amazing job (also, Arpit). Thanks for your time and guidance all along in this short while. Arunav, extremely genuine, with an in-depth understanding of why a certain thing is being done or asked or perceived in a certain way. Also enabling us to focus on the "why" part more than "how". Perhaps that's why after searching a lot here and there, was always pulled towards Kaphal studio videos & here I am! Arun, too polite & warm while giving feedbacks, knowing how even a bad sketch is appreciated first and then the improvements to be highlighted! Throughout the week, given the learning & direction we got, I just felt & wished to have joined Kaphal studio learning platform a little earlier than I did, but better late than never!

Vaishnavee kasodekar, (Bachelors)

They don't give false promises!

They are really good and really make students capable to sit for the exam and more than that they don't give false promises like other coaching classes to gain money

Jayanti Jangid, (Bachelors)

You can call them, ask stupid doubts and the best part is they don't get mad!!!

The most useful aspect for me was, the Live drawing sessions and the discussion sessions where we just talk, laugh and have fun. Also, you can learn a lot in a short period as Kaphal offers courses that are set up for someone with very little time. The studio provided the recorded sessions and links that helped me a lot with my revision. Last but not the least, u can call them, ask stupid doubts and the best part is they don't get mad!!!

Divakar Singh, (Bachelors)

I had no idea how to prepare for design exams.

I had no idea how to prepare for design exams. So I joined the kaphal C2D course. Arunav and Arun Sir taught us everything in a precise manner. I'm really grateful that I found such good teachers.

Deepnayana, (Bachelors)

The instructors were helpful!

The instructors were helpful and motivated the students at every step. They explained in a way that made in easier for the students to understand even the difficult topics.