Tentative date for NID DAT Mains 2020

Amid COVID-19 pandemic all the educational institutes are closed since last week of March. Students who appeared in the design entrance exam in the country are now waiting for the next stage process. According to latest notice on the NID website the decision will be taken after 3rd May 2020.

The uncertainty that prevails with the current situation makes it harder for the aspirants to focus for the mains exam. Few of the students who have cleared are still clueless about the next stage criteria and preparation. So we will try and answer some questions that students are unable to find answers amidst all this chaos. When will NID DAT Mains occur? Is there a tentative date? This is the hardest part to answer. Let's understand this with the gravity of the situation. It is for the first time in this modern world that the world has come to standstill. You can understand the situation by a fact that since the inception of Indian Railways in 1853 it is for the first time that Indian Railways has stopped working. Now, even if lockdown ends on 3rd May 2020, the situation will not be the same for the entire country. Students from all part of the country visit Ahmedabad and Bengaluru campus for mains test. And, even if some part of the country remains under lockdown it would be unfair for the students living in those parts of the country. Observing the current situation, there is quite a possibility that mains tests would not be conducted even in May. So now comes the next question. What should a student do in such case? If you are waiting for your mains exam, the time is to relax a bit. Do not bog down by the uncertainties. All of us know that all this will end someday. It is time to hone some design skills. This can include: 1. Improving digital pen use skills. Because in the next few years you'll have to use it a lot. 2. Improving sketching. 3. If your portfolio is ready, get some feedback from your friends or seniors. Improvise it. 4. Starting your design blog. 5. Helping other aspirants. 6. Read design books. The aim is to move your attention from the COVID-19 chaos. The best way to deal with this is to invest your time in doing something creative. A design student has to come up with a solution to the problem. Here is an opportunity, the students in the country are feeling stressed, disoriented about the future and does not know when this will end. Come up with your ideas to deal with this and share with other students. And if you are stuck with your portfolio design, watch our video on the portfolio design. How to design Portfolio?


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