Qualified CEED, What Next?

Updated: Mar 12

IIT Bombay updated CEED 2021 results on 8th March. This year 6042 candidates appeared in the exam and 2222 qualified for the further admission process in M.Des and Ph.D.

Every year students struggle with the same question; What Next?

Let's try and understand the process after the CEED results in detail.

As the CEED website itself says " CEED score does NOT guarantee admission. A candidate must apply to respective institutes for admission and fulfill other requirements such as tests and interviews of the respective design departments".

Here each institute (IITs preferably) come up with their admission forms and test criteria within a few weeks after the CEED result.

Students are advised to go through these websites regularly for updates. You can find the link to design departments in various IITs on CEED website.

Now, the next question is what type of tests are conducted by the IITs?

The test paper includes MCQ-type questions like part-A of CEED and some subjective design questions. This time the questions are based on the streams you are applying for. This is not a mandatory format, each IIT may decide its selection process. But, roughly the written test is same as the CEED question paper.

Which course to apply for?

This is another major issue candidates face a lot. And, it is completely okay to be confused. It is the right time to explore streams and understand the basics. The best way to analyze your interest in a field/stream is when you know what is the job profile. What does an interaction designer or communication designer do on daily basis. You can easily search about a stream on the internet. The more you read, the easier it would be to take your decision. Basic knowledge of a stream is also important to create a good portfolio.

How to prepare a portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of your works, projects, and sketches that determines your interest and passion for a stream or course. The portfolio is as important as the exam itself.

Watch this video to understand more about the portfolio.

The next important thing for admission is the interview round.

The interview!

The best way to look at this round of evaluation is to first understand why the interview round is conducted?

Interviews are not to test your knowledge or skill sets. They have already done that in the previous rounds. Here the mindset of the jury members is to test finally that the candidate selected so far is a genuine and perfect fit to represent this prestigious institute.

Here, the best you can do is be yourself. Do not try to impress the jury members. Be an individual who is ready to accept mistakes and learn from them. Please remember, the jury members are not looking for superhumans.

How to prepare for the interview?

  1. Jot down questions that you feel can be asked considering your background, experience, and education.

  2. You can ask your friends or seniors to ask questions.

  3. Create a group where students are preparing for the exam or those who understand design. Ask them to go through your credentials and conduct a mock interview for you.

Generally, students start preparing for the portfolio or interview right from the start. A good portfolio can be easily prepared after the CEED exam. And, if you ask experts, this is the right time to go for portfolio and interview preparation in full swing. The best way to learn design is by doing. Now, you have your CEED result, it is time you start working.

All the best!

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