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A portfolio is not just a collection of drawing and sketches. It is more than that.

A portfolio is a designer's treasure. It is a collection of her experiences. But for design entrance aspirants it is a nightmare. For years students have struggled to understand the correct method to design a portfolio. Students from non-design background have struggled even more. In this document, we have tried to throw some light on portfolio design.

Firstly, it is important to understand that there is no defined method to create a portfolio. It is a subjective choice of an individual. Designing a portfolio is a process. It allows a designer to showcase his/her thought process.

From all the queries that we receive regularly, we have tried to group them together.

  1. Why are they asking for a portfolio, I have no design experience?

  2. What to keep and what to discard for my portfolio?

  3. Should my portfolio be the paper-based or online digital base?

  4. Are there some examples of good portfolios?

To find the answers for the above-mentioned question please watch this video.

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