Syllabus for Drawing/Sketching-NID/CEED/UCEED Part-B?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

There is one quality that distinguishes a designer from an engineer and that is the ability of the former to depict his/her thoughts and ideas on paper i.e. ability to draw.

Design aspirants generally do not understand the correct balance they need to maintain between part-A i.e. written test and part-B drawing section of the design entrance tests. As a matter of fact, NID entrance test is mostly (almost 70 percent) based on drawing ability of the student. But, it does not mean that one needs to be excellent in drawing to crack NID exam. Please remember, they are conducting tests to select designers and not painters. Also, drawing/sketching is a skill that can be learned within few months. Every drawing question asked in the exam has evaluation criteria. And, perspective and idea holds the top position in this hierarchy. That means, if you have creative ideas and fair knowledge of perspective drawing, you can easily sail through the entrance test. Today, in this information age, it is not at all difficult to learn sketching and drawing within a month or so. All you need to do is search for a particular topic on Google or YouTube. To make it easy for you we have tried to jot down topics that you should know for Part-B i.e. drawing section of the exam.


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