Kaphal Studio brings to you a one stop solution platform for design entrance exam in India. You can take tests for free.

Observe, Learn & Perform


What is OLP?

For the last few years, we design aspirants have struggled to gather even an iota of information about the design profession. Whatever we have accumulated owes a big credit to some blog writers like "stuffyoulook" and "teacup". They took their time out to gather information for the students. With the rise in the design profession in the country more students have started looking for the information. But, unfortunately, most of them fall at the mercy of coaching institutes who at times charge hefty amount and misguide students about design streams and scope. It is starking truth that the amount charged by coaching institutes is almost equal to a semester fee in a government-aided design college. Amidst this, kaphal studio is trying to bridge the gap for students staying in the remotest corner of the country with quality video content free of cost.

And now we have decided to take it a step further. We have decided to launch a test platform for students free of cost. The aim is not to bombard with copy-paste questions from a reasoning book but, with quality questions which students can look up to.

Observe, Learn and Perform is the name for this initiative. We believe a good designer is one who has good observation skills. Nobody can train you to observe, best anyone can do is channelize your thoughts to start observing and this is what we strive for when we create our content. Observation helps you unlearn, and this is when a designer learns. And, finally to check what you have learned is through tests, retests and more tests. 


So here we bring to you OLP-2021, join this initiative, take tests, give feedback and help us improve.



Observe, Learn and Perform is an online test platform. Where design aspirants can take free design entrance mock test.

Most of the content on the platform will be free. To sustain we might charge a nominal fee to students who want personal attention.

Quality tests with solutions. The content is free but quality is not compromised. Each question is designed as per CEED/UCEED/NID/NIFT standard.

The tests are in sync with the content covered on YouTube channel for overall learning experience. Retest can be taken any number of times.