NIFT Situation Test Workshop

Learn to handle materials and understand how to tackle situation test with confidence

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1 Hour Total

Live Session

26th March 2022

7 to 8 PM

Material handling is a pre-requisite for a designer

Who is this workshop for?

NIFT 2022 B.Des qualified aspirants

NIFT 2023 aspirants

Product Design aspirants

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What will you learn?

Exam Pattern of NIFT Situation Test

How to handle material for Situation Test

Develop the right approach for the Situation Test.

How to approach questions in the exam.

Bonus learnings in this workshop

Know about different materials

Q&A with Prachi on NIFT admission

Get mock questions & Answers

Meet your mentor

Prachi Anand

Prachi graduated from NIFT Mumbai with a specialization in Fashion Design. After working in the garment industry for a year, Prachi joined Masters in Interaction design from IIT Hyderabad. Prachi loves to interact with fellow designers and has mentored 1k+ NIFT aspirants.

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Crack situation test with confidence

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

We will go through the material handling in the workshop. But, the focus of the workshop is to develop the right approach for the Situation Test.

Yes. You will get to know about the exam pattern in the workshop.


Yes. But, we do not share the recorded video. It is for the internal team and improvement.

The workshop will be for 1 hour from 7 PM to 8 PM

Yes, soon we will be organisizing a 5-day NIFT Situation Test course with a 1:1 mentorship