Crack NIFT Situation Test

5-Days live online program 📅 Starting from: 29th March 2022

NIFT Situation Test

Discover what is required for the second round to crack the NIFT entrance exam

What will you learn?

👉 Introduction 👉 Cutting and pasting techniques 📋 Assignment: 3D composition

👉 Making basic shapes 👉 Half material exploration 📋 Assignment: Working with geometric shapes.

👉 Rest material exploration 👉 Different ways to use the same material 📋 Assignment: Create a model

👉 Time management 👉 Concept writing 📋Assignment: Design a scene

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Who's this program for?

NIFT Situation Test is a 5-Day live online program where we will help you work on assignments, review it and make you ready for the second round of NIFT entrance exam

NIFT 2022 B.Des qualified aspirants

NIFT 2023 aspirants

Product Design aspirants

Anyone interested in material handling

Meet your mentor

Prachi Anand

Prachi graduated from NIFT Mumbai with a specialization in Fashion Design. She has been guiding students for design exams since her final year of college. After working in the garment industry sector for a year, Prachi joined Masters in Interaction design from IIT Hyderabad. Prachi loves to interact with fellow designers and has mentored 1k+ NIFT aspirants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Material list for exam: ▪ Basic stationery ▪ Fevicol ▪ Scissor (small and big both) ▪ OHP marker ▪ Cello tape ▪ Masking tape ▪ Bandage ▪ Paper cutter

Materials for practice: ▪ A4 size cardboard ▪ A4 size corrugated sheet ▪ Butter paper ▪ Ivory sheet ▪ Pastel sheet ▪ Mountboard ▪ Straws ▪ Ice cream sticks ▪ Ribbons ▪ Rubber bands ▪ Thumb pins ▪ Cotton roll ▪ Cotton gift paper ▪ Sheets of newspaper ▪ Tissue paper ▪ Plasticine Clay ▪ Small plastic string ▪ Spiral binding spring ▪ Cloth paper ▪ Toothpick ▪ Plastic scrubber ▪ Fabric ▪ Needle ▪ Thread ▪ Masking tape ▪ Thermocol ▪ Thermocol balls ▪ OHP sheet ▪ Glitter If you are not finding these materials then take some other material of similar nature.

The Situation Test is a practical examination and is given 20% weightage in NIFT admissions.

You are always welcome. This will help you if you are going to attempt the paper next year. And, if you are an aspiring product designer, this course will be equally beneficial for you.

Total 5 situation tests: 2 minor and 3 major.

Yes, you will be getting recording of the sessions till the test is conducted.

7PM to 8PM