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Connect to Design-2021

The aim of the Connect to Design-2021 (C2D-2021) is to fill the gap between student preparation and the exam. For last six months we have been getting messages, mails and comments where students repeatedly ask how to prepare for the exam. In C2D we not only address this issue but we become the guiding mentor to the students in this journey. C2D is a guidance program and not a coaching class model. It is designed to make students capable of cracking design entrance exam themselves. If a student is ready to commit and prepare according to the schedule, we are here to stand beside him/her in case of any doubt.

Note: To understand features of the C2D please take a look at the study plan for 2021.

Features of C2D:

  1. Live Doubt Sessions: (Saturday and Sunday: 1.5+ Hour Session): Session on Saturday on Design Awareness/GAT or Part-A of the exam and on Sunday session will be for Drawing/Design or Part-B of the exam. This includes a brief discussion on the topics of the week. Followed by doubts by students. These doubt sessions are scheduled on the 15th day of the cycle.

    1. Initially Master’s and UG doubt sessions will be held together but gradually as we move ahead Master’s sessions will be separate.

  2. 10+ Sectional Tests for PART-A of the exam based on the time table. Each test will include 10-15 questions on gk/theory, 5 questions on NAT/PYQ and 5 Quantitative aptitude questions.

  3. 50+ Assignments: 2 Assignments per week. These assignments are evaluated and returned to students with feedbacks.

  4. 10+ Design Test. Again, test will be evaluated and returned to students with feedback. This test will be part of discussion on Sunday session.

  5. 8 Full Tests: Full tests will start from October or from the commencement of Phase II of the time table. Full tests will be based on the exam pattern of NID/CEED/UCEED and NIFT.

Take a look at the course detail to know more about instructors, details about the course and how it works.

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