The Joy of Doodling

Kajol Kumari • March 24, 2022 5 mins read

"Creativity is intelligence having fun".

·  Albert Einstein


Creativity needs courage and if you have courage, you can surely have fun along the way!


I wonder, what goes inside the mind of this genius scientist who's famous for his physics equation (E=mc square). This was Albert Einstein having fun with his calculations and his creativity was in solving complex problems.


Every individual is creative in some way or the other!

Some of the examples of them can be:

·  A Kid having fun with drawing cartoon characters.

·  A Mother experimenting with her dishes.

·  A Gardner plants his seeds in a different pattern.


How does creativity help an individual? How does this help in design exams? What is the easiest way to get ideas while doodling?

All of the above questions arise in our minds & we somehow already know their answers.


In this article, I'll try to make you familiar with your being and dig deep to know the answers to the above questions. So, let us take a look at each question one by one!


Creativity helps an individual in the following ways:

✔️ Give a new perspective towards the world.

✔️ Helps calm down your brain.

✔️ Releases happy hormones, which are good for your health.

✔️ Gives you a new identity you can flex about :p


Creativity helps you in design exams in the following ways:

✔️ You can stand out among the crowd for your novel and unique ideas.

✔️ Increases chances of selection :p since you're unique in the eyes of the examiner.

✔️ Helps you analyse & give unusual solutions for the given question.


The Easiest way to tackle Doodling questions in CEED/UCEED/NID:

✔️ Try to find everyday objects in the given lines and observe your surroundings.

✔️ One way can be noting down your ideas on the rough side of the paper & deciding later which would be the most appropriate.

✔️ Rotate these boxes from every angle if you can and try to draw various perspectives of your objects (closeups, aerial view etc.)

✔️ Explore and brainstorm every domain (sports, culture, art, food, vehicles, etc) & doodle away your ideas on the rough side before finalising the drawing.


💡 The trick here is to not stop thinking about your ideas. The more you have ideas, the better would be your mindmap!


Lastly, try to time your answers while you are practising before giving the real-time exam. Remember, one who sweats more in training bleeds less in battle!

Analyse your strengths and weaknesses during the phase of preparations so that you can give your best in the exam hall. And, try to take deep breaths if you get stuck at some point in time!


I hope, this article will help you somehow in tackling doodling questions. All the very best, folks! 🙂






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