How to Stay Motivated?

Kajol Kumari • March 22, 2022 6 mins read

"Motivation kese ata hai yaar padhne ke liye?"

The above question is so commonly asked by design aspirants that now I know what can be the focal point for motivation! 

Motivation fluctuates when you lose interest in the given task. The reason behind losing interest is you're not able to comprehend the subject. And, if you can't understand what you are reading... you will eventually stop studying. 

This continuous cycle is followed in whatever task you do regardless of the types of subjects you are studying. Be it physics, maths, or design aptitude... everything is relatable in my opinion. 

But, what differentiates design exams from other exams? Unlike other competitive exams, Design exams also demand your time and effort.

"Bole toh ruthless mehnat karni padti hai, tabhi kuch ho skta hai!"

Here, I mean to say that you need to constantly keep pushing your limits and practice smartly. I can agree with one fact that not all days you wish to sit and study. Not every day you want to sketch and solve problem identification questions. It's always okay to take small breaks in between. 

You can practice the "POMO DORO" technique where you can keep 25 to 45 minutes study session with 5 minutes break. This will not only increase your focus but also productivity. 

Nevertheless, what if you do not know how to study or lack motivation?

One of the reasons can be boredom. Don't repeat the same task every day, have some variations in your study timetable as well as schedule required breaks. Don't exhaust yourself at the beginning itself. This is a long race and you need to be moving forwards in the direction of your goal instead of reaching the finish line in one day. 

If you're feeling dull, then I would recommend you to watch some good movies or chill out with your friends on weekends. There's a scientific reason why our brain constantly needs a hit of dopamine so that you can do a task more effectively. Whenever you feel happy, your brain releases "happy hormones" which increase your productivity. Likewise, when you feel sad... your performance level declines. 

Take the help of your family members, friends, or mentors whenever you are not able to do any task. Watch Youtube videos related to your subjects and you'll observe how your interest in studies increases. 

Moreover, Motivation is just a phase in your preparation. The real deal is sitting every day with discipline and trying to solve questions. 

Your biggest motivation can be YOU! You just need to believe in yourself and your abilities. People might intimidate you and mock you for your choices. Don't get demoralized by them. Try to take small steps one day at a time. Growth is a process. You can not sustain an overnight success but can build your empire with years of hard work and persistence.

"Don't count the number of hours you have studied but the quality of work which you've done!" 

Bhai, UPSC toh hai nahi ki syllabus itna sara hoga! So just read whatever is required for the design exams and practice it on daily basis.

Hope this article boosted your confidence.

In addition, in case it could not...

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Wishing you all the best for your design entrance exams! :)

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