How do films help in Design Thinking

Kajol Kumari • April 4, 2022 4 mins read

Cinema is a visual art of story- telling with rich input of music, screenplay, cast and script, mirrors the contemporary society in which it functions. But, how does it help in design thinking?

Films can help in Design thinking:

  1. Develops critical thinking: If you’re given a problem of what can be the alternative uses of bottle, you’ll have to think critically. You have to analyze the conventional uses and think out of the box.

For example: as a bird feeder. 

  1. Increases chances of creative ability to draw or write: How many of you stop an animation movie in between to draw scenes? Or, just draw while travelling in buses.
  2. Improves communication skills (example: subtitles): How many of you learnt to speak English through watching movies? Well, I certainly do! 
  3. Gives us idea about various domains/culture: Films gives us an idea regarding different cultures. For example, American and Indian culture. 
  4. Inspire us to take action: Avengers must be your favorite movies of all time. But, what does it teach us? To be strong and persistent in any situation.

Harry Potter Movies

Films encourage us to take action. Our favourite characters, superheroes, teach us life lessons. They give us ideas and inspiration to do everything for the better instead of just sitting around, waiting for things to go their way. Of course, I want to watch Iron man and just deny the facts that even educational movies existed. But, my friend…

You are a designer and you should, I think devote some time to increasing your brain. It’s awesome to have a balanced lifestyle. Easier said than done. But trust me, once you start devoting yourself to design, nature will give it back to you. The seeds we sow today are the trees our generation reap in future.

Let us create an environment where movies and documentaries for education purposes are encouraged. :)

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