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A community leader gets an opportunity to curate topics and discussions in the clubs and live community events.


 As an ambassador, you are practically a part of the Kaphal team. You will form design clubs in schools and colleges and get an opportunity to volunteer design workshops.

Shashank Gairola

Head of Community


Mudita Dubey

Community Leader


Suyash Tiwari

Community Leader


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Design Preparation

Connect with students who are preparing for the design entrance exams

Design 101

Let's talk about creativity and learn the basics of design


Get updates on UI/UX and connect with experts


Connect with film buffs and share your work to learn and grow together

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A space to look at the world through different viewfinders. Share your work and get updates

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Health and creativity are interweaved. Join this group to work together on your fitness goals

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A perfect place to find answers to your writing questions

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Art & Illustration

Get inspired, share work and indulge in meaningful conversations

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Got an idea ? Let's discuss
and make it happen

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Express yourself better and learn new ways of communication

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Game Design

Games are the future. Join the community of gamers and designers to create fun games

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Money & Creativity

Learn the basics of stock market and connect with experts to invest safely

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