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Crack design exams in 90 Days

📆 Upcoming Cohort: 2nd April 2023

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🎯 C2D
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₹ 24,000
  • 90 Days Daily Targets & Practice
  • 48 Live Sessions
  • Access to recordings till the exams
  • Stream specific preparation for NID (M)
  • Weekly Assignments & Tests: Total 36
  • Study Sessions
  • 1-on-1 guidance: Total 4
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  • 90 Days C2D Program
  • 30 Days NID/NIFT Accelerator
  • 30 Days UCEED/CEED Accelerator
  • 30 Days Part-B Test Series
  • UCEED/CEED Test Series
  • 7 Days NID Crash Course
  • 7 Days UCEED/CEED Crash Course
  • 7 Days NIFT Crash Course
  • 1-on-1 College Portfolio
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All Access Pass gives you an opportunity to prepare a dedicated study plan for the 2024 design exams

📚C2D Curriculum

The C2D aims to fill the gap between a student's preparation and the exam.  In C2D we address the problem of 'how to prepare?' and become the guiding mentor to the students in this journey.

We will meet one week prior and understand the procedure of the program, details about how to use the Kaphal platform. Meet your cohort and get started!

This is the stage where we get accustomed to the profession. We understand how the approach for design should be different from other streams. This is the stage where we “do not know that we don’t know”. Here we will figure out ‘Why design’. Topics covered: 📅 Week-1 ✔️Indian Culture ✔️Designers ✔️Verbal Reasoning ✔️Non-Verbal Reasoning ✔️Quantitative Aptitude ✔️Perspective and Line Drawing ✔️Problem Identification ✔️Design Principles 📅 Week-2 ✔️Riddles ✔️Perspectives ✔️Proportion and Scaling

The previous notions about design are reoriented and hence the stage ‘unlearn’. We work together to develop those skills discussed in the first stage. This is the stage of ‘guided practice’. We look at the PYQs and try solving them together, brainstorm on them and learn from mistakes. Topics covered: 📅 Week-3 ✔️ Surface Counting ✔️ Indian Culture ✔️ Designers ✔️ Verbal Reasoning ✔️ FORMS ( 2D to 3D, 3D to 2D ✔️ Creative Solutions 📅 Week-4 ✔️ Film & Video ✔️ Composition ✔️ Sketching

It is time you implement those tricks, tips, and skills. We are mid-way through our preparation. You know what is required. We are here to guide each step. But, it’s time to practice! Topics Covered: 📅 Week-5 ✔️Data Interpretation/Passage ✔️Animation Study ✔️Designers ✔️Verbal Reasoning ✔️Quantitative Aptitude ✔️English ✔️Memory Drawing ✔️Visual Sensitivity 📅 Week-6 ✔️ Typography ✔️Indian Culture ✔️Designers ✔️Non-Verbal Reasoning ✔️Shading, Light, and Shadow ✔️Typography ✔️Form Sensitivity

The best way to test your preparation is to teach. You create assignments and tests for others. We all attempt them and you evaluate us. You understand a student's mindset and learn how to deal with it. Topics Covered: 📅 Week-7 ✔️Area/Mensuration ✔️Indian Culture ✔️Designers ✔️Copying/ Replicating ✔️Stream Specific Preparation 📅 Week-8 ✔️ Spatial Ability ✔️Color Theory and Psychology

Reading and learning is not the only part of preparation. The actual practice starts in our heads. How prepared are we mentally to take up the challenge? This stage focuses on these techniques. We imbibe the process and skills. Topics covered: 📅 Week-9 ✔️Tessellation + Tilling ✔️Indian Culture ✔️Designers ✔️Verbal Reasoning ✔️Quantitative Aptitude ✔️English ✔️Revision + Practice ✔️Storyboard + Story Writing ✔️NID-PYQ's 📅 Week-10 ✔️Cross Section + Intersection of 3D figures ✔️Current Affairs + Environment ✔️Visual Communication ✔️Product Design ✔️CEED/UCEED-PYQ's

We reflect on what we learned and try to find the answer to the fundamental question to excel in a competitive exam; ‘how to be different?’ Topics covered: 📅 Week-11 ✔️Media Study (Print + Digital) ✔️Physics (Mechanics, Mirror, Lens) ✔️Doubts + Revision ✔️Visual Communication ✔️Poster Design 📅 Week-12 ✔️ Design Concepts/Inspirations ✔️Theoretical Topics ✔️Doubts + Revision ✔️Human figures exercises

The actual preparation required for the design entrance exam is over. You can embark on your self-preparation journey from here. If you have an All Access Pass we will meet again during other courses scheduled according to your calendar.

🤝 C2D is NOT a coaching class, it's a guidance program

The sessions are designed to help you experience design thinking and process like never before

Studio Sessions

Dive into the questions deeper and find out the expectation of the exam.

Mastermind Sessions

Brainstorm in a group and observe others learn and grow

Study Sessions

Join your cohort to interact and discuss doubts and tests

1:1 Sessions

Interact with your coach to keep track of your performance

Peer to Peer

Learn from the members in your cohort to grow faster

Office hours

Get your doubts clarified and never feel stuck in the Part-A or Part-B questions

To know more about the curriculum and our teaching method, try C2D for free for 7 days (including access to all the live sessions)

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🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

Timings are decided in consultation with the majority of the students. Generally, on weekdays sessions are in the evening after 7:00 PM.

Yes, you have access to all the recordings till the exam or 1st March 2024 (whichever is earlier)

Yes, you can enroll in a 1:1 trial session with a coach at Kaphal Studio to get answers for your doubts about the course and for general counseling on a career in design. Please note that we charge a minimal amount for these trial sessions which is deducted if you enroll in the C2D program.

All Access Pass is the key to access all the courses offered by Kaphal for the whole year at a discounted price. This is all you need to crack the design entrance exam. If you need more information about the "All Access Pass" connect with us at 9311560779

Yes. You can upgrade the plan anytime during the course. Connect with us and we will guide you further.

The first 12 weeks are very crucial in the C2D program. These are intense preparation weeks. During this period we expect you to devote 10-12 hours including live sessions and engagements in our assignments. From the 13th week onwards, you can slow down to create your own preparation schedule.

To make it accessible for the majority of students in the country, we have introduced part-payment or payment in 2 installments. The installment option is only available for ALL ACCESS PASS Apart from that, you can use a credit card for no-cost EMI as well.

While a batch may have 100 students who are learning simultaneously with you. But, you'll be part of a small cohort of 25-30 students only. You'll have a dedicated coach assigned to your cohort to help you and guide you in the journey.

We do not offer any refund, once the product has been purchased. You can enroll in as many trial sessions before enrolling in the program.

1:1 sessions are designed to help you work on your problems and doubts personally. Each 1:1 session would be 30 minutes zoom meeting. In these sessions, you can ask the coach for review, feedback, discuss questions, or discuss your preparation in general.

All the coaches at Kaphal Studio are professional mentors and are from premium design colleges. The coaches are trained in advance to help you achieve your goals. Your coach will be assigned to your cohort internally by Kaphal Team.

Before we start the intense preparation for 90 days. You meet and greet your peers in the cohort in week-0. We help you get accustomed to our platform where you'll be submitting your tests and assignments. In short, week-0 is fun!

There is a scholarship test (written + interview) to avail the 100% scholarships we are offering this year. You can apply for the scholarship only when you have enrolled in the course and paid at least 1st installment for the program. The scholarship test would be conducted in the week-0 of the C2D program. If you are selected we will refund the 100% fees for the plan you have enrolled in. You'll be notified about the scholarship in advance!

No. We do not believe in study materials for design. Even though we have collected everything you need to know from the exam perspective under Design Prep Repository. You can find the link to the repository in the "Resources" tab in the footer.

You can drop us an email at or directly call our helpline number +919311560779 [between 11 AM to 6 PM].