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Learn to sketch like a designer 

4-week live session to master the process of design sketching  

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Course Benefits

Active learning 

Sessions are engaging, challenging, and thought-provoking.

Learn with a Cohort of Peers

You will meet a diverse group of peers with similar problems as yours. You will share concerns and get advice.

Accountability and Feedback

Live sessions and a peer group will help you learn better, ensuring that you’ll practice the learnings of this course.

Get your questions answered

For the duration of the course, you will have plenty of time to get your questions answered.






Sketch like a designer

₹2999 + GST

Develop in yourself the ability to sketch with confidence. Connect with peers and learn the basics. The program is designed to help you develop your handling skills.


  • Understand the importance of sketching in design

  • How sketching is used in generating ideas/concepts

  • Step-by-step process of sketching for design


  • Build muscle memory

  • Learn key concepts and how to practice them

What you will learn

Manish S Lakra

Manish is a Transportation designer from Istituto Europeo di Design, Turin, Italy. He works as a freelance Transportation designer and a design mentor to design aspirants. Manish has taught at The Design Village, Noida for 3 years teaching Industrial & Transportation design.

Meet your instructors

Limited seats

What does a typical week in this course look like

You can dive into everything, or take a step back when you’re too busy. The community will be there for you.

Note: Exact timing will be communicated when the cohort dates are updated.

Who this course is for

School students
You want to become a designer someday. You have ideas and want to put them on paper.
College students
You are an ideas-person. You want to switch your career to design. You want to explore the field
Design aspirants
You are preparing for the design exam this year. You want to create an impressive portfoilio