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 CEED | UCEED 2022

Accelerator Program

4-week intense preparation program and mentorship till the admission

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Course Benefits

Active learning 

Sessions are engaging, challenging, and thought-provoking.

Learn with a Cohort of Peers

You will meet a diverse group of peers with similar problems as yours. You will share concerns and get advice.

Accountability and Feedback

Live sessions and a peer group will help you learn better, ensuring that you’ll practice the learnings of this course.

Get your questions answered

For the duration of the course, you will have plenty of time to have me answer your questions. "Co-working" sessions will give you plenty of opportunities to ask questions.




11th Oct - 7th Nov

11th Oct

CEED+NID 2022 Accelerator

5999 + GST

UCEED+NID 2022 Accelerator

11th Oct - 7th Nov

11th Oct

Develop in yourself the ability to attempt the entrance exam with confidence. Connect with peers and learn the basics. The program is designed to aid your self-preparation for the 2022 exam.


  • Understand the demand of the question in the design exams.

  • How to approach design awareness questions

  • Develop interest in the visual riddles


  • Develop a thought process for stream specific questions

  • How to come up with creative solutions

  • How to solve and fetch marks in the NID

What you will learn

Shashank Gairola

Shashank Gairola

I make sure that all your doubts are solved.

Suyash Tiwari

Suyash Tiwari

Practice alone can make you a better illustrator. We will practice and have fun

Arpit Raha

Arpit Raha

​My aim is to make Mathematics and English interesting and fun to practice. 

Arunav Dwivedi

Arunav Dwivedi

​Design is a way of thinking and can be developed with practice. We will work on that.

Prachi Anand

Prachi Anand

​Identifying weaknesses is key. I will help you turn your weakness into strength.

Arun Sahlot

Arun Sahlot

We will learn to conceptualize the right ideas and transfer them onto the paper.

Meet your instructors

Limited seats

What does a typical week at our accelerator program look like

You can dive into everything, or take a step back when you’re too busy. The community will be there for you.

Note: The schedule shown here is for CEED/NID 2022 accelerator program. For UCEED 2022 program please refer to the curriculum.