Observe. Create. Share.

That is what we believe at Kaphal Studio. We create quality content for design students. We help them understand design better. For students preparing for design entrance exam (UCEED, CEED, NID or NIFT) we guide them and stand beside them in case of doubt. Our aim is to help students prepare wherever they are with whatever they have. We are here to assist them and supplement their preparation.


Got questions about us?

We have answered some!

What is kaphal studio?

kaphal studio is knowledge provider. At kaphal studio we aim to provide high quality educational videos related to design for free. We aim to transforms the traditional coaching model by presenting information in a fast-paced format, enhancing the learning experience.

And, what does kaphal mean?

It is a "Pahari" fruit, pronounced as 'Kaaphal' or 'काफल'! If you have visited the Himalayan states of India, you must have heard about these wild berries (called kaphal) available only up there. And so are we wild and rare!

Do you provide online coaching?

Well, we do guide students for preparation. But, we are more than a coaching institute. Our programs are to help students understand design better.
Take a look at what we offer.

Do you take any offline workshops or sessions?

Not as of now! If we do that we will update it on our social media.


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