30 days of UX

Easiest way to learn UX Design

πŸ“† Starting 20th Feb 2023

πŸ“š30 days Curriculum

Learn UX while building projects, build a career in public and learn about business & deploy our project using No-Code

- Conduct user interviews or surveys to understand the users' needs and pain points - Analyze the data collected and create user personas and scenarios

- Map out the user flow and the site structure - Create a sitemap to organize the content

- Create low-fidelity wireframes to show the layout and placement of the elements on each screen - Test the wireframes with users to make sure they meet their needs

- Create high-fidelity prototypes of the user interface - Test the prototypes with users to get feedback and identify areas for improvement

- Choose a color scheme and create a visual design that aligns with the brand's identity - Design the icons and other visual elements - Design for mobile - Design for accessibility

- Use No-Code to create an MVP - Test the functionality of the design and make sure it's responsive and accessible

- Conduct usability testing with real users - Analyze the data and make changes based on the feedback received

- Deploy the UX project on a live server - Perform final tests to ensure everything is working correctly

- Track user behavior and engagement on the site - Make any necessary updates and fixes to ensure continued success and usability.

πŸ“… How it works?

Learning UX Design would be fun if you commit to the targets and tasks every day. Here are the steps you have to follow every day:

Commit in Public

Let everyone in your social media circle know that you are on a journey to learn UX Design

Complete tasks everyday

Each task might take 45-90 minutes every day, just read the material and implement each step

Share Progress

Let people see you learn and grow. Share your learnings every day on LinkedIn or Twitter or YouTube

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​What you will learn

If you commit to 30 days of learning we are sure you will:

Understand the UX process and gain confidence

Create your first UX project from scratch

Learn about the link between business and UX

Gain creative confidence to start a career in design

​Meet your mentors

Arunav Dwivedi
Learning Exp Designer

​Arunav is obsessed with creating better learning experiences for aspiring designers

Prachi Anand
UX Designer | IIT H

Prachi is the community builder and design mentor to help you remain accountable

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